Are Botox Injections Really Safe?

Are Botox Injections Really Safe?

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Botox is such a popular choice in cosmetic procedures for most women because of the way it lifts firms and removes wrinkles on the face in just one quick treatment! Results are immediate, and you can enjoy your new look right away! If done properly, Botox can look beautifully natural and feel comfortable. But a question that is asked often is whether Botox is really safe.

This question is asked so often mainly because Botox is actually a poison called botulinum toxin type A. This may seem like reason enough to stay away from the stuff, but it is actually very safe! The toxin that you’re getting injected at your doctor’s office is purified in a lab and injected in very small doses. The amount of botulinum needed to erase wrinkles isn’t significant.

Botox, which is measured in units, is used in very limited amounts. The amount you get will depend on your desired results. Your doctor may give multiple injections in different areas of smaller amounts, or may use it all in one specific area.

There are of course, always risks when it comes to facial procedures, and Botox is no exception. If not administered properly, Botox can actually over freeze the face giving you that ‘surprised look\ that some women sport or it can make you extremely stiff and not able to smile or talk properly. It can also distort the face if not done properly, causing one side of features to be higher than the other.

The most important factor here is your doctor. His or her experience, steady hands and patience will all be contributors to how well your results come out afterwards. Be sure to ask your doctor about their experience. Don’t hesitate to ask for past patients result pictures. And of course, ask a lot of questions when going for your initial consultation.