Are Wrinkles Really a Result of Advancing Age?

Are Wrinkles Really a Result of Advancing Age?

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Wrinkles are synonymous with aging. Because of the wide range of products and treatments that promise to reverse wrinkles, lines and folds, it’s hard to know just which products or procedures will accomplish what you want. It helps to understand just what causes wrinkles to form.

wrinkles and linesWhat makes a wrinkle?
Wrinkle development begins with a significant reduction in the levels of collagen and elastin produced by the body. These two proteins are responsible for the structure of the skin. They make the skin taut and plump. Problem is, as we age the body dramatically reduces the production of these two proteins. Sun damage also decreases them.

Second, the skin’s supporting structures — the muscles, bones, and ligaments — weaken with age. This causes the skin to hang and sag.

The third component of wrinkle formation is the ultraviolet radiation that rains down from the sun. This affects collagen production and damages the surface layer of the skin.

Once the skin loses its underlying support, once it becomes drier, it is susceptible to wrinkles forming.

Lines and wrinkles: are they the same?
People confuse lines and wrinkles. Lines are inherently finer than wrinkles. Lines are a result of repeated facial expressions such as frowning, squinting, or smiling. Lines do not form in younger individuals because they still have sufficient amounts of collagen and elastin to help the skin snap back into place. Wrinkles are thicker and more noticeable than lines. They are usually static, as well, meaning that they show themselves at all times, versus becoming evident when a muscle contracts. Over time, lines can become wrinkles.

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