Clear, Even Skin Tone With Glycolic Peels

Clear, Even Skin Tone With Glycolic Peels

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Skin discoloration is one of the biggest problems associated with aging, sun exposure, skin conditions and more. So many things can cause it, but whoever does, it makes you look older and tired. This is why glycolic peels have been becoming increasingly popular – with their ability to remove discoloration without laser treatments.

Glycolic peels are a gentle, non abrasive peel that is considered one of the ‘lighter peels’ as far as chemical peels go. Because of this, it is not harsh, can be used on any skin tone or type, and can be used multiple times. The peel is made from glycolic acid, which is a naturally occurring acid found in citrus fruit.

The peel works by removing the top layer of the skin. While results are visible just after one treatment, many patients elect to get multiple peels done to completely erase discoloration. The entire procedure takes only about 20 minutes, and you can return to your normal daily activities right after. You may experience some redness and skin sensitivity however.

Glycolic peels aren’t just great for discoloration either. They can also help to remove acne, scars, age spots and freckles. They can also be used by board certified dermatologists to get rid of areas of skin with extensive sun damage – these areas often turn into skin cancer so it is ideal to treat them before that happens.

Whether you want to get rid of redness or brown spots, patches or acne, even sun damaged skin, glycolic peels are a great solution. Make sure to speak with your doctor about how many peels they think it will take, and discuss any skin issues you have. Beautifully clear and even skin is achievable in a natural, easy way with facial peels! If you would like to know more about them, or want to book an appointment, give us a call today and get ready to shine!