Clear Skin With the Smooth beam Acne Laser

Clear Skin With the Smooth beam Acne Laser

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Acne is not something that anybody likes to be afflicted with. Whether yours is mild or severe, teen or adult, it can make you feel unattractive and greasy. While you have probably tried everything to treat it from washes and creams to gels and peels, sometimes it requires more rigorous treatment. The Smooth beam laser can help to remove your acne or acne scars, and finally give you beautiful, clear skin!

The Smooth beam works by using a laser that is absorbed through the skin. Heat is emitted, causing the sebaceous glands to become less active, producing less acne-causing oil. This change will affect your skin by causing it to produce less oil, which will show noticeably less acne in just one treatment. A complete treatment for acne takes about 3-5 months, with one treatment being done every month.

For acne scars, the Smooth beam can help speed up collagen production in your skin. This will make your skins natural healing system to work quicker, and cause the scars to fade and fill out. Treatments for acne scars can take 5 – 6 treatments, one treatment per month.

Depending on how large of an area needs to be treated, the procedure may take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. You can return to regular activities after your treatment, but you will have some redness.

After your treatment is complete you’ll be able to enjoy smooth, clear skin. But to keep up your results be sure to continue to care for it properly. Using the right products for your skin is important, and your dermatologist can recommend products for you to keep acne at bay.

You can achieve beautiful, glowing skin with the Smooth beam in a way that is natural, gentle and will get rid of both acne and scars! For more information or to book an appointment today, give us a call at Laser & Dermatological Center, Inc today!