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Stretch Marks

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Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch Mark Laser Removal Treatment in St. Louis

Stretch marks or striae are scars on the skin caused by a tearing of the dermis. They appear as purple or reddish lines, but can fade to a lighter shade. They can appear because of weight gain, pregnancy, and growth phases in teenagers. Stretch marks will not fade away completely, therefore many people wish to have them treated to remove or reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Visit Laser & Dermatologic Surgery Center in St. Louis to begin your laser stretch mark treatment.

Stretch mark removal in st louisWhat is a stretch mark?

Stretch marks are a form of scarring on the skin that leave redness or white discoloration.  They are caused from tearing of the dermis usually from pregnancy or gaining or losing weight.

What are treatments for stretch marks?

The majority of treatments for stretch marks include lasers. Sometimes topical creams can improve stretch marks too.

VBeam Pulsed Dye Laser®

This treatment can help you get rid of unsightly stretch marks. It will leave your skin looking smooth and consistent with the rest of your skin. The V-beam does a good job of improving the redness from the stretch marks and also promotes collagen production to provide some smoothing.

Fraxel Restore Dual®

Fraxel Laser treatment can help remove stretch marks. It works with your body’s natural healing process to leave your skin healthy and glowing. The Fraxel Dual provides smoothing and better texture to the stretch marks while also aiding in collagen production.

How can I prevent stretch marks?

It can be difficult to prevent stretch marks but some believe keeping the skin moisturized and maintaining a healthy weight can help. Hereditary, however, plays a big role in the development of stretch marks.

Is stretch mark removal permanent?

It is challenging to totally remove and resolve the stretch marks, but the improvement is permanent.

Don’t live with large or embarrassing stretch marks anymore. Let us at Laser & Dermatologic Surgery Center help you get smooth, glowing skin! Visit us is St. Louis today to begin your stretch mark treatment.

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