Don’t Let Facial Aging Define You!

Don’t Let Facial Aging Define You!

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As time moves forward, the toll taken by life on the body makes itself more and more apparent. The constant pull downward of gravity, rays from the sun and the wear and tear of facial skin from the numerous expressions we make every day slowly culminate to a loss of volume in the face and wrinkling of the skin. Many patients cannot pinpoint exactly what it is that’s making them look older but know they no longer feel like they look like themselves.

Injectable fillers are continuing to gain popularity due to the ease of the procedure and their ability to produce dramatic results, without surgery.  Botox®, Juvederm® and Restylane® stand out as the popular choices to inject into areas of the face in order to add volume or smooth wrinkles.

A newer injectable called KYBELLA® helps to eliminate unwanted fullness beneath the chin.  This submental fat can make a person appear older or heavier than they actually are.  KYBELLA destroys the fat cells and once destroyed, those cells are absorbed by the body.

Patients who use injectables are also starting at a younger age. By treating patients in their 30’s and 40’s less product will be used, and the effects of time can be chipped away in a proactive manner. The key is to find a skilled practitioner who can address the small problem areas with a little bit of filler over time. When injectables are used with precision, restraint and a deep understanding of human facial anatomy, patients will have a more natural-looking, younger and long-lasting outcome.

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