Enable Your Body to Create a Younger Version of Your Skin

Enable Your Body to Create a Younger Version of Your Skin

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Noninvasive laser therapy delivers focused, effective results

Skin reflects a life well lived as well as life’s trials: laugh lines and crow’s feet from smiling, age spots from fun in the sun, wrinkles from intense concentration, acne scars or scars bearing evidence of surgery, stretch marks from pregnancy, brown spots from hormonal fluctuations (Melasma), and even Actinic Keratosis (AK), which is a pre-cancerous condition affecting 10 million Americans a year.

Even pampered skin eventually loses collagen and shows signs of aging.

Fraxel® is a noninvasive laser therapy that treats signs of aging by targeting small “fractional” areas of the skin. Its process helps to rejuvenate cells below the skin’s surface by stimulating collagen production to replace damaged skin with new healthy skin. The results are subtle and gradually increase over time because your skin rejuvenates itself.

Fraxel® is far more effective than are creams and it doesn’t involve cutting or peeling the skin or an extended healing time. A topical anesthetic cream is applied in the dermatologist’s office before the treatment, which can take up to an hour depending on the area treated.

The treated skin appears immediately tighter because the heat of the laser contracts the skin’s collagen. The skin appears slightly pinkish and swollen for several days after the procedure. Patients will notice that small areas heal quickly, while larger areas may take a bit longer to heal. Most people find that they can return to their regular activities in one-to-two days.

New collagen production takes 8 to 12 weeks and the skin continues to improve for three to four months after treatment. Most people experience the best results with three to six treatments.

Whenever being treated using laser therapies, to ensure you are safely treated, always choose a reputable clinic with experienced dermatologists and nurses.

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