Get Lips To Love…With Juvederm®

Get Lips To Love…With Juvederm®

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Full, pouty, kissable lips are trending world-wide. It’s almost impossible to miss the photos and the hype…and for good reason. Lip enhancement, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure, is quick, easy and affordable. It’s possible to minimize the lines around your mouth and have the lush lips you want with the dermal filler, Juvederm®.

  • Juvederm® is easily accepted by your body and is unlikely to cause an adverse reaction because it is made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar in your body. It binds water, and provides volume, hydration and support to your skin.
  • Juvederm® is FDA approved and does not contain any ingredients that do not naturally occur in your soft body tissues. It is a safe and effective way to plump and thicken areas of your skin that have aged and to enhance the natural contours of your lips.

A Juvederm® procedure is done in our offices, using a nerve blocker, similar to a dental anesthetic, “to put your lips to sleep” and ensure that you are comfortable and calm and before the actual procedure begins.

You can return to your normal activities immediately following the procedure with no downtime.
There may be some mild bruising that could last a few days but it can easily be camouflaged.

If you wish enhance the appearance and fullness of your lips and minimize the appearance of lines around your mouth, Juvederm® may be the answer. Juvederm® injections last about ten months when used on your lips and may last several years when used in other areas of your face or body.

If you decide Juvederm® is right for you, be sure you have thought about your expectations. Talk to Dr. Hruza or Dr. Behshad before “plumping.” Make sure you communicate the look you want. “Less is more” is always a good rule of thumb. Subtle injections which maintain the normal anatomy of your lips can result in a more natural appearance.

Our patients love the results Juvederm® provides.
We are confident that you will be delighted, too!
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