Getting To Know Botox®

Getting To Know Botox®

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One of the best known names in aesthetic cosmetics and the most popular cosmetic procedure in the world is Botox®…known for its ability to relax facial lines.The popularity of Botox® is growing every day. It is one of the most requested procedures at our Center because it is easy, nearly pain-free, quick and affordable.

botox St Louis MOThis fabulous, fast facial injectable is written about, talked about and universally loved, however, there may be some things about Botox® you may not know:

• Botox® is a form of the Clostridium Botulinum Toxin which was approved by the FDA for eye spasms in 1989 and was approved for wrinkles, fine lines, creases and frown lines in 2002.
• Creases and wrinkles form because you make repeated muscle contractions when you laugh, frown and squint.
• Botox® blocks nerve signals to muscles, stopping their contractions.
• The frown area between the eyes is the most common area to be treated and usually requires five small pokes with a fine needle.
• Botox® results are not immediate. It takes about two weeks to fully relax the targeted muscle.
• The degree of improvement depends on how deep the creases are when you begin treatment.
• The full results of a Botox® treatment last four to six months and may be combined with other treatments such as injectable dermal fillers like Juvederm®, Belotero®, or Restylane®.
• Botox® injections eventually wear off, but most of our patients love it and return for repeat injections.
• The side effects of Botox® injections are very rare, but if you do happen to experience one, the Botox® will wear off and the injection site will return to normal.
• Botox® relaxes your face, makes you look less angry and slows down the creation of fine lines and deep creases.
• A Botox® treatment can give a lift to your eyes and mouth corners giving you look a more rested appearance.
• Studies show the effects of a treatment are longer lasting after receiving multiple treatments over time.

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