Why More Patients are Choosing Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

Why More Patients are Choosing Mohs Skin Cancer Surgery

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mohs-surgeryThe team at the Laser & Dermatologic Surgery Center, Inc. in St. Louis understands the value of full-service treatments. Skin cancer is not a diagnosis that anyone takes lightly, even when the lesion detected is pre-cancerous or early stage. When the words “skin cancer” are spoken, the mind instantly goes straight into management mode. How is this skin cancer going to be treated? What are my options? What option is best for my situation?

If you are facing a skin cancer diagnosis, know that there are outstanding physicians who can help you. In our practice, skin cancer is often treated with Mohs micrographic surgery. This precision technique was initially developed several decades ago. Since that time, Dr. Frederic Mohs passed on his knowledge to other surgeons interested in obtaining the best patient outcomes. We are proud to offer patient care from Fellowship trained Mohs surgeons.

Benefits of Mohs Surgery

The unique aspect of Mohs surgery is the manner in which cancerous cells are removed. In a conventional excision surgery, the extent of skin cancer is estimated. A certain amount of tissue is excised and sent for lab analysis. In the lab, 2% of the margins of the excised tissue is examined. This can take days.

The Mohs technique is special because there is virtually no wait time. Our Fellowship trained Mohs surgeon removes a precise amount of tissue, and then immediately examines that layer of cells under a microscope. A map of the skin is made, enabling the surgeon to determine with high accuracy the precise location of cancer cells, if any remain. If examination reveals the presence of abnormal cells, another layer of skin is removed for examination. This process continues until the final layer of skin is free of cancer cells.

Why do patients choose Mohs? Primarily because this progressive removal of cells, plus examination of 100% of margins, has the highest cure rate. Recurrence rate is very low after Mohs, as well. Additional benefits include same-day confirmation of results, and the best possible preservation of healthy tissue around a cancerous lesion. If necessary, reconstruction can be scheduled to minimize the appearance of scarring after this procedure.

Finding the most appropriate skin cancer treatment gives you peace of mind that your future health is not at risk. For more information about Mohs, call our St. Louis office at (855) 978-5775.