Professional Cyst Excision

Professional Cyst Excision

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A cyst is a non-cancerous, often fluid-filled, pouch that can appear beneath the surface of your skin. Your cysts can also be made of other fibrous tissue and can appear almost anywhere on the body.

If you have one or many cysts on your body it is important not to worry. They are extremely common and easy to remove. However, before undergoing cyst excision it is important to have your mass tested to be sure that it is a cyst and not cancerous.

Once it is determined that your skin condition is indeed a common cyst, the process of excision, lancing or draining of your cyst can begin. Surgical excision calls for removing the entire cyst. An excision procedure is very simple and can be completed in approximately 30 minutes, in office. You will receive local anesthesia to numb the area. Your dermatologist will use a scalpel to completely remove the entire cyst and will then close the incision with stitches. Because of the incision made, it is possible to have a scar following a cyst excision. It is also possible that your cyst will return.

If your cyst is filled with fluid, it may be possible to simply drain the cyst. The cyst may return but drainage will allow for an immediate reduction in its appearance.

If you have confirmed cysts and would like to undergo one of our effective excision or drainage treatments, contact the Laser and Dermatologic Surgery Center today.