Rejuvenate with Radiesse

Rejuvenate with Radiesse

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Does lost facial volume and deep lines and wrinkles have you wishing for younger days? Many of the patients that visit the Laser & Dermatologic Surgery Center do so seeking assistance with correcting these preliminary signs of aging. If you are ready to turn back the hands of time with a long lasting, non-surgical solution, a dermal filler such as Radiesse may be right for you.

Radiesse is an FDA approved dermal filler that re-contours and volumizes the face by rebuilding collagen below the skin’s surface. Nasolabial folds, depressed scars, chin grooves, and cheek hollows can all be enhanced with Radiesse.

Treatment with Radiesse involves using a small, thin needle to inject the filler just below the surface of the skin. This gel based filler is safe for use in the body because it contains many substances that are naturally found within your skin. A majority of patients find Radiesse injections to be easily tolerated, however there are some possible side effects that include bruising, redness or swelling and pain at the injection site. Any potential for pain can be mitigated before receiving the injection through the application of a topical anesthetic.

Improvement of your wrinkles and lost facial volume will be seen almost immediately. However, they will also continue to improve over time and may take two weeks to be fully realized. However, Radiesse is unique in that its results can last for over a year.

If you would like to learn more about Radiesse treatment, contact Laser Surgery USA for more information today.