Revive Your Winter-Weary Skin…It’s Almost Spring!

Revive Your Winter-Weary Skin…It’s Almost Spring!

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Each season has it’s skincare challenges; each season calls for a unique skincare routine. So, as we leave winter behind and look toward spring and summer, it’s time to think about renewing your winter-weary skin. Here are a few tips to boost your spring skincare routine:

spring careMoisturize: Invest in a high quality facial moisturizer with a built-in sunscreen. Hopefully you have been keeping your skin moist during the winter months…but now that the sun is making an appearance, moisture plus sunscreen are absolute musts for summer-ready skin.

Exfoliate to rejuvenate: The cold, dry air of winter is hard on your skin; sloughing off winter’s dead cells can renew and refresh it. If you haven’t exfoliated all winter, it’s time to start. You can exfoliate gently at home by using a soft washcloth or, if you want an easy DIY scrub recipe, you can mix granulated sugar or oatmeal with honey or olive oil for an extra dose of hydration. Be gentle; don’t pull or tug at your skin or rub too vigorously. The idea is to work up to exfoliating two to three times a week.

Pay us a spring visit: For maximum rejuvenation, make an appointment with us for a microdermabrasion treatment or a chemical peel. These treatments are designed to improve the appearance of dull skin, uneven skin tone, fine lines and wrinkles, blackheads, and even sun damage. They are non-invasive, quick and easy…and can be done on your lunch hour.

Spring is also the perfect time to schedule an appointment for a quick and easy Botox or Juvederm treatment. There is no downtime, and you’ll be smiling and ready just in time for summer. You’ll look your best, even without make-up, as you trade your sweaters for swimsuits and head to the pool or beach.

Get your best face on for spring! We can help! Call to schedule an appointment, today: (212) 391-8600.