Stop Smoking Before Your Surgical Procedure

Stop Smoking Before Your Surgical Procedure

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It’s difficult to be unaware of the many threats posed by cigarettes and the health concerns that come with prolonged tobacco use. The truth is that no matter how young you are and no matter how healthy you look and feel otherwise – tobacco use is damaging to your body. This is especially true for those patients who have chosen to undergo an elective, cosmetic surgery.


The nicotine that is found in tobacco products is the main culprit when it comes to the damaging effects of cigarettes and tobacco post surgery. The use of tobacco products allows nicotine to enter into your body and your blood stream – circulating through your entire body easily. What many patients do not realize is that nicotine restricts the flow of blood through your body – including through your skin and muscle tissue.

This slowing of the flow of blood to your tissues can dramatically affect your body’s ability to heal itself after surgery. In order for your surgical incisions to heal properly, blood must flow to them generously and freely. When you continue to smoke prior to surgery or during your recovery period, this can cause your incision to refuse to heal or for the skin around it to even blacken and die.

The easiest way to avoid this horrible condition is to quit smoking before and during your surgical recovery period. Dr. Hruza will advise you of the best timeframe to abstain from tobacco based on your unique healthcare needs.

If you’ve been looking for the right time to quit smoking for good, use your desire for cosmetic surgery as your motivation.

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