What is a Glycolic Peel?

What is a Glycolic Peel?

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If you are tired of looking older than you are or older than you feel – but aren’t quite ready for cosmetic surgery – consider a glycolic peel today. Glycolic acid is a natural substance that is made from the acids and sugars found in citrus fruit.

chemical peelsWhen concentrated into a powerful peel product, glycolic acid reduces the signs of aging and sun damage. Similar to other peels, a glycolic peel works to remove the top layer of dead dull skin cells. The end result is even skin-tone and a radiant glow.

The glycolic peels can be used on light to dark skin tones and acne-prone skin as well as on oily, normal, dry or combination skin types. The glycolic peel can be performed on the face, neck, chest, hands and even the arms and legs. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, the glycolic acid minimizes their appearance. This is also an excellent choice for uneven skin tone, blemishes and freckles.

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