Why Leg Veins Are More Than Just a Cosmetic Concern

Why Leg Veins Are More Than Just a Cosmetic Concern

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The appearance of gnarly, bulging, or purple twisted veins in their legs is one of the most common concerns of our patients here at our St. Louis laser practice. Although these veins can occur anywhere in the body, they typically occur in the leg area. What we often tell these patients is that there’s more to leg veins than being a cosmetic issue; there are actually hidden dangers to its appearance.

A Running Stream vs. A Stagnant Pond

Before figuring out what makes those unsightly leg veins dangerous, it is best to understand first how they develop.

By and large, regular veins distend into varicose veins when the one-way valves inside your veins (that keep the blood from moving towards your heart) are weakened or damaged. When they end up not functioning properly, blood tends to go back up and accumulate within the veins resulting to its distended appearance. An excellent analogy between a healthy vein and a varicose vein would be between a running stream and a stagnant pond.

Possible Dangers of Varicose Veins

Apart from its unsightly appearance, pain, and discomfort, varicose veins can potentially lead to serious health problems such as the following:

  • bleeding and significant blood loss
  • skin ulcers and/or sores
  • superficial thrombophlebitis – symptoms to watch out for include skin redness, tenderness, pain and swelling
  • deep vein thrombosis – this is where a blood clot can develop within the affected vein itself; it may not directly cause symptoms but may be fatal if it travels into the lungs

Sclerotherapy to the Rescue!

You do not have to suffer the potentially dangerous consequences of leg veins! The Laser & Dermatologic Center team offers sclerotherapy in St. Louis to help you deal with unattractive and unhealthy leg veins!

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