Will My Laser Skin Treatment Hurt?

Will My Laser Skin Treatment Hurt?

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Laser skin treatments can be absolute miracle treatments! Whether you want to get rid of that acne scar, lighten those dark spots, or treat a skin condition, lasers are the most advanced and effective option available. But the biggest question most patients want to know before undergoing a laser procedure is:

Will it hurt?

While laser skin treatments do work incredibly quickly, they can be slightly irritating during the treatment itself. The pain is minimal and has been compared by patients to ‘a rubber band snapping against your skin.’ After a few minutes, your skin becomes used to the pain and you don’t feel it anymore. After the session is over, usually there will not be any pain.

Still, there are ways to be sure you will experience the least pain possible by following some simple steps before your treatment.

  • Talk with your doctor! Let he or she know of any skin issues, sensitivity, or chronic conditions you may have had.
  • Wash your face using tepid water — no hot water.
  • Use sunscreen to avoid burns that will make laser treatment impossible.
  • Talk to your doctor about applying a topical anesthetic to skin about an hour before the treatment. This will help keep pain to a minimum.

If you are still concerned about pain during or after treatment, speak with your doctor. If you have especially sensitive skin, you’ll want to make sure your doctor knows this. Occasionally, a laser treatment isn’t right for a patient.

Whatever type of laser treatment you choose, be sure to be ready to experience a little bit of pain. Your threshold level combined with topical anesthetics and your own doctor’s expertise can make the whole experience much more comfortable.