Tomstretched Earlobe Piercing Repair

Tomstretched Earlobe Piercing Repair

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Earlobe Piercing Repair Surgery

What is an earlobe piercing repair?

Earlobe repair is the surgical correction of a torn earlobe, an injury usually incurred by wearing heavy earrings or by earrings getting caught on clothing. In some cases the earlobe will split completely, while other times the earlobe will just partially tear.

When is an earlobe reconstruction needed?

Earlobe reconstruction is used to restore earlobes that have become stretched and distended through years of wearing earrings, or by wearing earrings which deliberately dilate or gauge the ear hole over time. At a certain point, the hole won’t naturally retract to its original size, making earlobe reconstruction an excellent option.

What happens during the procedure?

We perform a torn/stretched earlobe piercing repair in our St. Louis, MO office using local anesthetic. A simple split earlobe repair takes around 15 minutes to complete, while more complex reconstructions for gauged ears can take 30-45 minutes to repair. The sutures are visible but very thin.

What is the recovery?

You will need to keep the ear clean, stay out of the sun and avoid rubbing or scratching the ear lobe. You can shower 48 hours after the procedure. Your doctor may suggest a topical ointment (i.e. vaseline), and you can also use a mild cleanser once or twice daily to help clean the earlobe. The sutures will generally stay in place for a week. Earlobe repair is a very safe procedure with very few known complications.

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